Finding mahi (work) while staying with us is made easier whether you are here on a working visa or you are a resident. Given our prime location in downtown Mount Maunganui, we are surrounded by plenty of hospitality providers and retailers that are always looking for staff. Other opportunities also exist within the area with construction companies, orchards, and packhouses.

If you are looking for a job around the Tauranga region, we can help you out.

The current demand for seasonal workers to work in orchards and packhouses in Tauranga is high. Over the years, we have formed solid relationships with all the key players in the area. We know what their pay-rates are, we know what they are like to work for, and we know who offers transport (if our van is unavailable).

We will happily provide you with an unbiased recommendation and introduce you to them. There are no catches from our end – we do not charge you an “agent fee”, we do not receive a commission from the orchards or packhouses, nor are you required to stay with us for the full duration while you are working there. We do it out of manaaki (care) for our guests.

If you need long-term accommodation while you are here, we are currently offering a discounted rate of $190 per week. 

To book, please contact us directly on 07 575 0860.

Key dates for seasonal work

> Kiwifruit picking runs from March-June.
> Kiwifruit pruning runs from July-October .
Packhouses run all-year-around but demand for staff increases during March-June.

If you need short or long-term accommodation, then come and stay with us, the only hostel in downtown Mount Maunganui:

​> 2-minute stroll to the beach and surf.
> Located close to popular bars, cafes, and shops.
> Competitive short-term and long-term rates.
> Friendly and welcoming staff.
> Happy and fun vibe.

If you want to work in New Zealand:

And you are not a New Zealand resident, you will need a valid working permit which you will need to organise yourself. Visit NZ immigration for more information.
You will need an IRD number to pay income tax. To apply, visit the IRD website.
A bank account will be required so you can receive payment. You can open one by presenting the bank with your passport and proof of address, which we can assist with validating.