Onda’s Adventures

Kia ora Whanau! Welcome to my adventures! I'm a local in Mount Maunganui and especially in Mount Backpackers, and since you're staying with us I'll share some of my local knowledge and how to become a tidy kiwi just for you! Here we go!

Im Onda the Hostel cat, my day starts off like any other. I sit in front of the staff’s room and patiently wait until ‘Reggie’ hears my 80th meow. After I had the good parts of my breakfast I will sit on the stairs and watch the birds eat my leftovers. Fatten up little birdies, one day I will pounce, you just watch. Sometimes I switch it up and sit under the bench upstairs or I’ll help guard the reception desk. Then it is lunch time for the humans. They always try and pet me when I’m busy looking at their food. Can’t they see I’m swamped? Also, that piece of ham looks better in my stomach than on your bread. At three it’s time for my staff to feed me again, and I will remind her constantly, but she insists on feeding me at 5pm. Stubborn. Then I need to have a lie down for about 8 hours. I will sit and watch TV with the humans, or warm up my staff’s bed. Then it is time for my midnight snacks. She doesn’t like it when other people feed me. She calls me fat. I think she is jealous. At night I proudly roam my kingdom, checking that everything and everyone is okay, before I have another catnap to get ready for another busy day.

Here's just a few places I like to have a boogie in! My buddy Rosie has put this together to remind me which good deals and events I don't want to miss out on! I especially like the burrito's at Barrio Brothers! 

One of our biggest attractions here in Mount Maunganui is hiking the famous Mauao. In New Zealand we treasure our cultural history, before you climb our dearest Mauao, here's a bit of information for you. Kia kaha!

For those of you wanting to extend your stay while you work and save we do take long term guests all year round. We have 12 designated spots for you. If they are full our staff will put you on a waiting list. It's a great way to spend a few months getting to know this lovely area and making some life long memories with your travel whanau.

It’s a dreich day! (Read on and you'll understand my Scottish) Winter has arrived here at the Mount.  Most days it is still warm, sitting around 12-15 degrees...but of course some days it rains.  I'm a sun-catcher of a cat.  The only good thing about cold days is that I get to loll around the sofa under the heat pump, or cosy up to a newb on the couch who thinks I'm a wee sweeheart, like the little Scottish lass who has been staying with us for a few days.  She did say yesterday to a British boy with rolled up trousers "Is the cat deid?"  I was alarmed when I heard this, of course, and had to move a paw to check it was not true (this was an effort as you who know me may understand).  Then she went on to explain to the confused laddie from Cornwall that means that his pants (or trousers) were a bit short.....Some days it is just like living in a bowl of language misunderstandings in here but at least Iv'e learnt a few new phrases for when the "staff" mention my diet.... Yer aff yer heid (no need for an explanation for that one) 

Making beds???  No thank-you.  I am a hostel cat so my job is to be a cute as I can be an provide our guests with a feeling of home...don't you know that if you keep a cat around:


Owning any pet is good for your heart. Cats in particular lower your stress level—possibly since they don't require as much effort as dogs—and lower the amount of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a positive calming effect." (www.mentalfloss.com) 

And they wonder what I do all night around here....I'm working in the office of course, online, checking out what is going on online. 

Morena - I'm sitting out here in the courtyard waiting for my favourite staffer, but she's not around....and I just read some VERY disturbing news on the noticeboard that she has actually 'left' Mount Backpackers!!!  I cannot and I will NOT believe it!!  Reggie - don't leave me.......meow..............